Welcome to the Mob Moderator

When the mob rules the meeting!

Don't try to control the mob. Let them control them self!

Join an existing conference

To join an existing conference the conferensier will provide you with an ID. Either by mail or on his website.

What is this?

Mob Moderator is an application to make sure that the speaker gets the best questions from the audience. The audience asks the questions as usual but then the audience can vote up and down other peoples questions. In this way the speaker gets the question which most of the crowd (mob) wants most.

If time is short like 30 minutes it is a good thing if the speaker has a helper - here called operator. The operator can edit questions which is not that clear and can also delete annoying & silly questions.

Over all, the goal is to get as many good questions from the audience as possible.

Watch the video: not made yet

How to do it

Go to this site and make an account by submitting e-mail address and verify the e-mail you will receive. In this way you can always gain access to your conference again. In advance of your conference you set it up the way you want and copy/paste the link to your conference and announce that to your audience. It is good thing to do this say one hour before the confenrece start, to give the audience to ask question before the meeting starts. The audience will also see how the application work and get used to it.